Meet Joi


“Chevalier, 49, is an entrepeneur whose experience in corporate planning and product development could provide valuable prep for the job of a state comptroller, a position that serves as Texas’ chief financial officer and revenue forecaster. Plus, Chevalier demonstrated an impressive understanding of the state’s challenges in our Voter Guide questionnaire, listing, for example, nearly a dozen ways that she would improve Texas’ tax system.”

The Dallas Morning News, January 24, 2018



Joi Chevalier's background in corporate and civic work is quite extensive, often focusing on innovative and first-time technologies, programs, and boards serving large, underserved constituencies. For her products and programs, she received Best New Product awards for Matrix Insight, and the Vice-President’s Soul of Dell Award for PartnerDirect Online, Dell’s online channel business launch that earned over $5b in its first year.

An honors graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Joi combines the best of her technology background with her love of culinary arts. She mentors in UT/City of Austin Small Business Development Office program - FASTForward – a program focused on entrepreneur development; participated in InnoTech’s March Madness; and judged the 2017 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition Finals.

When not working or participating in community or civic activities, Joi spends her time with her husband of 19 years, Jon, and their niece Jaylen, who attends McCallum High School in Central Austin. She speaks regularly on entrepreneurship, food+tech, product management, and the opportunity for women and African-Americans in technology and through food entrepreneurship. She travels extensively, grows roses, reads scholarly texts, culinary history and science fiction, participates in high performance driving events at Circuit of the Americas and Harris Hill Raceway, and spends way too much time camping in the Texas State Parks systems with her telescope.


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