The Comptroller needs to better guide the investment decisions that Texas lawmakers make to keep the state competitive. Joi will urge lawmakers to close tax loopholes, diversify state revenue sources, and adopt a fairer and more equitable revenue mix that would ease pressure on residential property owners.


Joi takes a 360-view of the issues, and has a proven record of solving large, complex problems for a wide range of audiences. She prioritizes fiscal honesty, efficiency, and effectiveness. Joi cares about the people of Texas and this state being the best it can be, with all of its citizens having an opportunity to succeed. She seeks ways to create an environment of win-win for all parties, and not a ‘them vs us’ mentality.


Tax and Revenue Modernization and Reforms

There’s real opportunity in several areas to improve the effectiveness of the current core tax and revenue system, with common sense approaches:

• Highlight the imbalance in the key revenue resources for the state, that lead to wealth inequality and places undue burden on individual property taxes that are crippling families and neighborhoods

• Rebalance the relationship of commercial/industrial property taxes against individual property tax

• Close the loopholes provided through the Franchise Tax, including evaluation of internet taxes, e-commerce and electronic/online companies doing business and generating revenue in the state, and assess whether modern tax categories need to be defined

• Update Mixed Beverages Taxes

• Provide comprehensive audits to highlight waste, inefficiency, and opportunity to restore cut programs

• Continue improvement of technologies for revenue gathering, management, and taxpayer engagement


Provide Improved Costs and Benefits Analysis to Help Drive Better Priorities

• Highlight the real and hidden costs to Texans not only from not implementing Medicaid expansion but also the ongoing misuse of the ACA waivers and other supplemental sources that directly affect mental health, discourages maternal and child healthcare, affects housing, pushes patients into criminal justice, and undermines rural healthcare

• Highlight the undue burden to the local taxbase who cover state revenue losses through increased local tax districts, bonds to pay for things they have already paid for previously

• Highlight the real damages done to public education and infrastructure through years of misrepresentations and cuts, and analyze the effects of vouchers on Texas children, households, and public education system that make Texas less competitive

• Clarify and expand legitimate uses of the Rainy Day and other existing Funds, particular in crisis times

• Make visible opportunities for innovation and investment in local infrastructure through the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO); including examining potential for incentive for  local, county, public education and higher institutions who innovate through clean energy usage


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