I see what Texas can be, when all of its resources are used wisely.
— Joi Chevalier

Joi Chevalier wants to change Texas for the better.

A Comptroller is a financial, non-legislative position. It allows for a consistent approach, long-term, to continually demonstrate how legislation, finance, and decisions affect Texans. There’s a pulpit available to the Comptroller, and today it is extremely underutilized. Joi wants to restore that voice, informing both the lawmakers and the public of how government action and its hidden costs affect the people living in our great state.

She has mentored small businesses, served on public work boards, and has 20 years of experience in delivering visionary leadership, complex solutions, and financial models to create successful products and companies. Joi knows just what a good Comptroller needs to be, and knows that she can not only excel at the job, but use the position to affect greater change than any Comptroller before her.


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