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Can Working At Night Shifts Make Your Hair Fall Out?


We feel our hair falling out so many times, and that can be because of a lot of reasons. We are often working, and the load is too much that we have to work overnight for that. Those who work overnight have seen and experienced hair loss due to working night shifts. This is something that can take a toll on the health, and that causes this hair fall.

There are so many reasons this happens, and all those reasons can become the core effect of losing a lot of hair. There are a lot of other things that are issues of losing hair. Here are some of them,

losing hair

  1. Stress: We all talk about normal health, but when it comes to mental health, it can be very depressing. We have seen many people lose their minds because of this, and that is why losing hair is such a normal thing for someone who is stressed a lot. We put a lot of stress into work, which is also why working overnight causes hair loss.
  2. Bad diet: Diet that we take and the type of food that we consume are not good for the health. There are so many different types of food that can help grow hair, and if we include them in the daily diet, it will help the consumer a lot. We all underestimate oats a lot, but the thing about this food is that it has fatty acids of omega-6, which are well known for promoting hair growth. So if we are eating food that is not nutritional and is not giving what is best for us, it can also become the reason for a lot of hair loss.
  3. Bad hair care: Some people say that if we are sleeping with a tight ponytail or a braid at night, it can cause hair fall, and that is true too. as if we care for our hair properly, there will be no issue that we might face for the hair loss. People who wash their hair very often can also negatively impact as some shampoos are induced with a lot of chemicals that can ruin the hair and the scalp.

There are so many reasons for hair fall, and working late at night can also be very unhealthy. If someone is happy and healthy, their body will react the same way, but if they are not happy but stressed and are not getting enough rest, it will be bad for them.