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Looking For A Chic Type Of Braid? Check Out The Waterfall Braid Hairstyle!


There are different types of braids, and if we start naming them, then we won’t be able to stop for hours. But if we talk about waterfall braid, it is a braid type that looks so heavenly and very beautiful. There are different types of waterfall braids, and we can easily learn them with the help of the internet and tutorials.

 The waterfall braid hairstyle tutorial

With the help of following the waterfall braid step by step guide, it will be easy to learn the hairstyle and then achieve the look. So go on and check it out!

braid hairstyle tutorial

  • Part your hair sideways first after combing it nicely. Now take a big section of the hair from the front and then separate it into three same sizes of strands.
  • Take the strand that is at the back and then cross it over to the middle strand.
  • Now it is time to take the strand at the front. Take the strand at the front and then take it to the middle too.
  • Now take the strand from the back again and add a little section of its hair.
  • Cross this strand and the hair section we took to the middle.
  • Now it is time to leave the front strand and clip it to avoid confusion and so that you don’t add it back in the hair.
  • Take the section of the hair behind the front one and cross it over to the middle.

  • Keep on repeating the same steps and take some more hair from the back section while doing it.
  • Do it till it reaches the extent that you like, and then secure it with the help of an elastic rubber band.

Voila! It is so easy to do, and there will be no hardships in that! So go on and try it out now!